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Our brain's clumsy irrantionality - June 08

Our brains will trick us into being either over-optimistic or over pessimistic, a tendency that is known as impact bias.  In the current unsettled market environment, this bias will tend to distort signals about what people really think.


The Survivors: Post Redundancy Planning - May 08

For some, the prospect of redundancy, which embodies so many losses – income, job security, status, familiar routine, friendships, ambitions, hopes and dreams, ‘belonging’ – can become a devastating reality. But what about the ‘survivors’? The colleagues left behind, and the managers who have been doing the firing?   More...


Real life issues in the workplace: Bereavement & loss - April 08

Most of us live our lives in the present, or close to it: if not savouring and valuing every moment, then certainly not living in fear of our imminent demise. Death is something that will come to us in its own sweet time, and meanwhile, que sera.   More...


The Glass Ceiling for Marketers in Asset Management? - December 2007

Some say a Glass Ceiling lies in the path of marketers wanting to reach the top of their firms. What are the skills and qualities required for a marketer to achieve board level appointment in asset management? A seminar in London in November 2007 addressed this issue.       More..


Five key questions about NPD - November 2007

New Product Development causes great anxiety in many businesses.  Asset Management is not immune.  As in other sectors, the questions asked about NPD relate both to its output and also to its structure. But above all, observers are now asking whether innovation is something that should be be sole responsibility of one team, or the job of everyone.  Questions, questions.  In this piece, Magnus Spence poses what he considers to be the main five.        More..


CEO Secret Diary - October 2007

Each month Peter Blank, the CEO of PREMIER Asset Management, provides Magnus Spence with his secret diary, and Magnus then goes on to publish the best bits in "The Fund Business" Magazine. If this seems a bit indiscreet, please be reassured that it's all absolutely above board. This is a reprint of the first instalment, written shortly after Blank's appointment in 2006.        More..


Brands and Brains - September 2007

Magnus Spence offers an extract from a recent study on brands.  He argues that differences between right and left brain activity shed light on the development of brands in the European Asset Management industry.  The old notion, he says,  that left brain investment professionals and leaders would reject right brain marketing techniques has now been shown to be an outdated stereotype.      More..


Touchpoints - August 2007

Reproduced from a recent edition of the 'Cogito Ergo Sum' column that he writes for International Fund Investment Magazine, Magnus Spence mulls over the implications of the marketing jargon word 'Touchpoints'.  It seems to herald a key change in the industry.  He says, for example, that we are now seeing the triumph of 'female' over 'male' values in the sales function in asset management. What can this all mean?      More..


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