Coaching Excellence

We are professionally trained coaches with extensive experience of helping talented individuals to improve personal and business performance.

We have the skills and experience to work with a wide range of clients, across different levels of seniority, functional responsibility, and personality type.

Our coaching is based on thorough preparation – for a coaching relationship to deliver a successful outcome it needs a firm foundation. The emphasis we place on working with all of the stakeholders to refine the scope and objectives for the assignment is key to our success.

Our coaching is focused upon targeted outcomes – we believe that by working in partnership with our clients we will better help them to achieve their goals. We always agree targeted outcomes for our coaching delivery that closely mirror our clients’ own measures for success.

Our coaching is geared to the dynamic of the individual and the targets – in coaching sessions we adapt our approach, the methods and tools we use to reflect the needs of the individual, and are nimble in adjusting to the changing priorities and timescales of high performance businesses.

At Coach Alpha we maintain high ethical standards for our coaching practice, making full use of professional supervisory support and engaging in regular CPD and training, so that our clients can trust that they are in safe hands.

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