Our Alpha


Our alpha is derived from three core factors:

Coaching Excellence

The breadth and depth of our coaching skills and experience combined with a nimble but robust coaching process.  More..

Context Appreciation

Our personal and practical knowledge of the asset management business and our understanding of the talented people who work within it.  We appreciate that a failure to be sensitive to the people, their personal styles and the demands upon them can have expensive consequences in a highly talented organisation.  More..

Performance Focus

Our clients are driven to excel, as are we.  Our coaching is geared to the high performance outcomes of our clients, and rigorously monitored to focus on success. More..


It is the combined power of these three factors that enables us to deliver the extra ‘alpha’ in the work that we do for our clients.

Without this combination, no matter how excellent the coach, the final delivery risks underperforming expectations.

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